Hey There

I’m Aerin, a passionate digital marketer, life-long learner, and serial crafter. I've always had an interest in tech and an eagerness to learn why people do what they do, so it only makes sense that I've immersed myself in the strange & wonderful world of digital marketing. I help companies find their online audiences, learn how to talk to them, and get them to talk back.


Head of Marketing @ ComplYant
Assistant Marketing Manager @ B2B eCommerce Co.
Consumer Engagement Manager @ Dev Agency
Account Exec. @ Marketing Agency
Marketing Director @ Froyo Chain
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Side Projects

Sometimes I create things for fun!
Click the images below to check these out
A Classic Dice Game with a Twist! (Google Play)
Screen Time is Cancelled
A comedy podcast for parents about bad kids TV
Flexitarian Food
An Instagram account dedicated to trying plant-based foods and eating less meat.