Spring Sproi-ee-oi-ee-oinnngg

For those of you that have, at any time, considered yourself a writer – you understand. You have ideas that swirl in your head. You take notes, you record your thoughts, and you think, yeah, I could write about that for hours! So you sit down at your computer and stare blankly at the screen.  The cursor blinks and taunts you. What was once hours is now two sentences, and not very good ones at that. And the cycle begins again. We are our own worst critics.

A few holidays have come and gone since I’ve updated the blog. Christmas went well – I stayed in Maine with the family and drank lots of tea, ate lots of Raymond household staples (crepes and dynamites and spaghetti – oh my!), and got to see a lot of dear friends. I arrived back in Connecticut refreshed and ready for a new year.

In March, we met with our Realtor to truly start the house hunt. And thus begins the learn-on-the-go part of growing up. Some houses are gorgeous, but in a crappy school district with taxes that would make a sane person close their wallet and head for the hills. Some houses are more in mortgage (with a 20% downpayment) than we pay now in rent, but less square footage than we have. Some are exactly what I would have been looking for if we were doing the same hunt in Maine – but they were built in the 1900’s, and with CT prices, plus a new  boiler, roof, and windows – the total would be way more than we could afford. So we’ve spent the past few weeks looking through hundreds of MLS listings and deciding what our wants, needs and dealbreakers are. And this week, we visit our first round of potential homes. It’s all very exciting, and very surreal.

When did I become an adult? Who in their right mind gave me loan approvals and cars and bills to pay? I’m barely 30! Kate and I have this discussion a lot.  We say, “if I’m really an adult, I can do anything I want. I can have any food I want, as many pets as I want and as much soda as I want and nobody can stop me!” Which is pretty much true.

However, being an adult also comes with this heightened sense of good vs bad, right vs wrong, and worth it vs not worth it. Could I subsist on coffee and cookies and chips? For a while. Do I want to? Yeah, kinda. Is it a good idea? Absolutely not. Would I have tried anyway less than 10 years ago? You betchyer ass.

I’m hoping the new house will happen in 2014, which means, with any luck, the wedding will be in 2015. But that’s a whole other blog post. Until next time!



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