Savannah, Fare You Well – Honeymoon Recap

It’s been over a year since I posted. There isn’t a good excuse for it, but we HAVE been busy! We got married in May, partied until June, I started a new job in May, we went on adventures all summer, and finally went on our honeymoon. Phew!

When we were deciding on our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to stay within the states, and to have a short flight, but we weren’t settled on much else. I had this romantic notion of southern hospitality and old architecture, so we ended up traveling to Savannah, Georgia for a week in October. You’ll note two things about the recap below – it’s a bit scatterbrained (yay!) , and we had a who-had-the-best-food contest going on.  (We tied)

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA


We flew out about 5PM and had a layover in Charlotte. We arrived in Savannah after 9PM, at which point we met our awesome cab driver whose name we did not catch. It was an educational 15 minute ride to our hotel, during which we learned the following:
– The world spins on an axle powered by oil
– The Everglades are melting
– If we take too much water from the ocean, an electric shock will send giant tidal waves from all the oceans, and that ain’t good.


We took a walk down to the river front, which was one block over and down a flight of historic, beautiful, treacherous stone stairs. We walked along visiting multiple gift shops and boutiques. We had lunch at Spanky’s, home of the Original Chicken Finger. We, of course, had the chicken fingers. I’m not sure how original they are, but they were delicious. (We both won)

We then began wandering around the various squares and blocks on the other side of the Andaz, checking out all the awesome shops and gorgeous southern homes and architecture. We stopped for homemade ice cream at Lombardo’s (Honey Almond Cream was best), and continued walking until dinner.

We stopped to eat at The Old Pink House. We ordered an amazing shrimp and grits appetizer, Andy had a fried pork chop, and I had sweet potato and caramelized onion ravioli with pecan cream sauce and sweet potatoes with pecan vanilla butter. (I won)


We went out exploring more squares and blocks. Savannah is laid out in a grid with 13 beautiful squares featuring statues, water fixtures, greenery and gorgeous live oaks with Spanish moss (which, as we found out, is neither Spanish nor a moss.) We stopped at an english meat pie place for lunch. Andrew had a Cornish Pasty and a sausage roll and, and I had a cranberry almond scone (thanks, morning sickness!). (Andrew won)

After lunch, we hopped on an open-air trolley that took us on a 90 minute the historic district. We then went back to the riverfront to buy more pralines (they’re AMAZING fresh and warm) and to make a stop at Savannah Bee Co. so Andrew could sample free honeycomb and buy some honey-related goodies.

Just about then I was beginning to feel not-so-hot, so we headed back to the hotel and watched Leprechaun In The Hood (F+), Are You Afraid Of The Dark (C), and Goosebumps (C+). When I was finally feeling better, we made a reservation at Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons. They served cheddar biscuits and ho cakes as an appetizer, I had crab cakes, and Andy had shrimp and grits. We split a dessert sampler of banana pudding, butter cake, and peach cobbler. The butter cake. OH MY GOD the butter cake. (Butter cake won)


We took a walk to Civvies consignment shop, a place we’d passed twice in the previous days and had yet to stop in. They had a huge selection of PanAm stuff, vintage clothes and accessories. Andrew bought an old American Tourist suitcase for us to check and carry our extra goodies home in.

We ate lunch at The District Cafe. Andy had a chicken, avocado, bacon, and pimento cheese melt and red pepper and tomato bisque, Aerin had a a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. (Andy won)

We continued walking through a number of parks and a cemetery to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, which was absolutely breathtaking. Since it was in the 80s the whole week, we were hot and thirsty, we headed across the street from the Cathedral to the Mirabelle Cafe. I had sweet tea, and Andrew ordered a liege waffle with lemon curd and raspberry sauce (titled “The Southern Belle”). (Andrew won) The Mirabelle was also attached to an adorable inn – kind of wish we’d stayed there. Next time!

After resting up at the hotel, we made a reservation at Garibaldi for dinner. We started with Fried Green Tomato Parmigan appetizer, Andy had grouper stuffed with blue crab over parmesan risotto, and I had diamond scored crusted flounder with apricot shallot glaze. For dessert, I had cinnamon ice cream with fresh berries in a caramelized almond basket, and Andy had pecan Kentucky pie with vanilla ice cream and delicious coffee. (Aerin won)

After dinner, in the twilight, we found a bench in City Market and listened to Chuck Courtenay (who was playing country music and running lights off his truck), and enjoyed the warm evening breeze.


We took a (fairly long) walk toward Forsyth Park, and ate lunch at Maxwell’s on the way. I had a grilled chicken salad sandwich with broccolini. Andy had a cuban sandwich with roast potato wedges. (Andy won)

We also stopped off at the Art’s Cafe on SCAD campus, which had a double decker bus inside that you could sit and eat in.

When we finally arrived at Forsyth Park, we walked around for a while. Similar to the historic district squares I mentioned earlier, but much, much larger.

Since it was our last night in town and we were having trouble making a decision as to where to eat, we noticed in our search that the farm to table restaurant in the hotel, 22 Square, had amazing ratings. In fact, it was so booked that we had to eat at 4:30 like a couple of old folks. We started with chorizo stuffed calamari, Andy had Bison Ribeye with Pimento Cheese Gratin. I had Flounder with Roasted Cauliflower, Bacon Brussels Sprouts, and Leek Fondue. (Aerin won)

We finished the night with some gift shopping and bought a bunch of candy at River Street Sweets.

We highly recommend a visit to Savannah. You can check out the photos I took here.We plan to go back once the tiny human is old enough to come with us. On to our next adventure!

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