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This is the kind of gold I get to deal with a couple times a day.

Needless to say, it is not a dull life I lead. Andy and I have been getting ready for the weddings we are attending this fall in the ways most do – buying presents, dresses (me, not Andy) and cards. It seems as though once you’ve reached age 25, you get invited to a couple weddings each year, minimum. ┬áIt’s a reason to get gussied up, which I’m not one to do very often. We’re attending a wedding this weekend at the New England Carousel Museum, and then I will be the Maid of Honor at my cousin’s wedding in October. Both should be lovely, and they make us (me) that much more excited for when we can begin to plan a wedding of our own.

I took a staycation last week while one of my oldest and dearest friends, Marsha, visited from Louisiana. We spent most of the week doing the things we usually do together – talking, eating, crocheting, swimming and watching movies. We did take an epic trip to the Book Barn, all three locations I might add, that resulted in each of us owning at least 10 more books than before. This place is incredible – I can’t stress that enough. They have over half a million books to browse through, both really new and really old, and more coming in every day. After we experienced book heaven, Mars & I had lunch near the Niantic Boardwalk and enjoyed the sights of the downtown.

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I really like the concept of a staycation because I was still able to get important things done, like laundry, and do silly relaxing things, like read a book and flop around in the pool. I do hope my next vacation takes me somewhere a little further away than Connecticut, but this particular week was just fine by me.

I would like to note that thanks to Andrew, the Book Barn and the fact that the weather has been gorgeous, I’ve been getting into reading like I’d always wished I could. I’m working on my 15th book this year – this from a girl who used to take a couple years to read one. Right now I’m speeding through Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, and with each page I’m itching to read the next. She knows how to build an incredible, clever, witty thriller, that’s for damn sure.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a book recommendation? Find me on Goodreads or leave a comment.

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  1. Marsha says:

    loved every second. Damn, I miss you guys!

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