Playing house.

Made my first trip to my new home this past weekend. Brought a carload of stuff down, got internet hooked up and got a little shopping done for the things that have to be fixed. Funny how things change so fast — for my first apartment I went out and bought a new tea kettle, christmas lights, and some curtains & towels to decorate with. My latest shopping trips included a chain lock for the front door, door stops, a knife magnet and a plastic bag dispenser (oohhhhh ikea). But even stranger is that I was just as excited for buying home necessities as I was when I was shopping for the things I didn’t really need. Whodathunk?

I heard folks say in passing how expensive moving is. I just though they were over exaggerating, because what else do you need besides a moving truck? Oh man was I ever wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

First, there’s the moving truck. If you’ve lived in anything larger than a one bedroom before, chances are you have enough stuff to warrant renting between a 10′ and 16′ truck. Depending on the company and the distance, that can be anywhere between $100 and $500. And that doesn’t include things you might want like furniture pads, a dolley, insurance on yourself or the vehicle you’re moving with, etc. Then you consider that a lot of apartments require first, last and a security deposit before you move in — PLUS tweaks & fixes around the place you’ve chosen, because unless it’s brand-spakin’-new, someone screwed something up and didn’t bother to fix it before they moved out/rented the unit again. And worse, if you’re renting directly from the owner, you have to buy extra things to protect their property – furniture pads, area rugs, door stops, special floor cleaners.

Long story short, the great ‘they’ was right about this one. Make sure you have some money tucked away before making a big move.

Good news is I still get to buy new curtains! I’m thinking we’re going to replace these bad boys first:




2 thoughts on “Playing house.”

  1. Marsha says:

    I kinda like those curtains. 🙂 It’s no joke, tons of money down the drain. Finally just finished putting everything in its proper place, and our new record needle is on its way today. How’s the packing going?

  2. Aerin says:

    It hasn’t truly started yet since I’m here for another week. Probably start on Sunday – need…more….boxes…. 😛

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