On my table…

you will find wine glasses, tacks, a blender, a towel and a lunch tote full of jewelry. Moving is fun!

For the last few years I’ve volunteered at Barrels Community Market, a local & sustainable community market in Waterville. And because of Barrels, I’ve made a discovered a wonderful group of people — people that care about their community and the people around them. Those people can be hard to find, so it was refreshing to meet them seemingly all in one place.

They threw a going away party for me on Saturday, and it was de.li.cious. We had Maine Smoked Salmon and Maine made cheese, Kennebec Hard Cider (Blueberry!), Little Lads homemade crackers & popcorn, plus lots of other goodies from the market. Best of all, though, was Melissa’s rendition of Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Whiskey & Beer Cupcakes. Melissa knows I have an affinity for confections, as well as Smitten Kitchen, and she spoiled me rotten with these bad boys. They were decadent, filling and most certainly a party in my mouth.


So I can safely say that I have a really great group of friends in Maine. I’ll be terribly sad to leave them, but I know I’ll be back at minimum a few times a year, and I know the really good ones will keep in touch.

Oh yeah, and when you slave in your kitchen all day making someone cupcakes? You’re pretty much the greatest friend EVAR.


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  1. Jean Rosborough says:

    The honor and pleaure has been ours at the market…to have such a capable and fun volunteer! Has anyone told you yet that your arent allowed to leave until you find a worthy replacement??? that may take a long…long…time….we love ya Aerin!

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