Making Blizzards Fun, Yeti Style

For those of you on the eastern seaboard that aren’t rock dwellers, you know that last night  Winter Storm Nemo took its toll. Some places got over 30” of snow in total. In same places, like here, it’s still falling.

After a huge weather event (and often after a minuscule one), social media crawls with a mixture of joy, fear, cynicism and photographic proof of the terror outdoors. I took pictures, too, but I thought it would be a good idea to create some good out of the waist-high snow. And so I give you…


The above was taken Friday around 2PM.


And this was out the same window at 9 AM this morning.


Out the entrance to our building, heading toward where my car once was.


The first closest lump to the left of the fenced in dumpster is my car.


One of those lumps is Andy’s car.



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