Froyo Madness

A lot has happened since we last spoke, dear reader. I apologize. I can assure you I was busying myself with very important things – television watching, book reading and putz-ing around with Andy. But enough about that – here are some things that happened since September. Onward!

Drove up to Maine with my cousin and her fiance for her bridal shower. We weren’t there for much more than 24 hours, but it was wonderful to see family and a few friends. It doesn’t hurt that I got to eat Mom’s cooking! That lady knows what she’s doing, let me tell you what. And, a few weeks ago, Krista got married. It was a beautiful fall day and an even more beautiful wedding. I was so happy I got to be a part of it. Check out Mary‘s photos from the day – they capture it well.

Finished up my last few weeks of work at CTC by putting on one of the large awards events they do every year. It was a long day, but it was a good way to finish up my time there. I worked with some good people and learned a whole heck of a lot, and they were all very supportive when I made the decision to move on to bigger and better things.

And, of course, I started my new job! Somehow, this will be the third position I’ve taken in which I am the first person to hold the job title. It puts me in an interesting spot, that’s for sure. I’m learning a lot about the food franchising business, and I’ve gotten to implement a lot of my cockamamie marketing ideas to help stores get better known in their communities. I’m hoping I can build the marketing department to be strong and supportive – and also fun and full of froyo. I’m so full of froyo.

Lastly, Andy and I have begun to explore the next logical step – home purchasing. We’ve initiated the early stages of the loan process and are saving for the down payment. It’s like we’re adults or something! Weird, right? Wasn’t it yesterday I was in my parents basement with my best gal pals playing dress-up and pretending I was dating Leonardo DiCaprio?



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  1. marsha says:

    Ya, Aerin! You guys are gonna buy a house?!! AND YES, it was YESTERDAY that we were penciling in dates with Leo and Chris O’Donnell, when we had the time for them. They were so needy! I’m so excited to you and your new job! I think that people are just so willing to hire you, that they make up a position just to get you in. Mary’s photography is fantastic and it looks like Krista’s wedding was a blast. Miss you tons! xoxo

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