On Birthdays, Houses & Scavenger Hunts

As usual, I have an amazing excuse explanation for the radio silence. As some of you know, we bought a house! And we should be [finally] closing on it in the next couple of weeks. Anyone who has gone through the home buying process recently will give me a pass. The rest of you – just trust me. Not much time for blogging.

I also turned the big three-oh a few weeks ago. I don’t feel any different. In fact I feel more and more like I’m getting away with something – as if each night I should be thinking, “muahaha! I’ve fooled them all for another day! They all think I’m an adult!” I’m so devious.

That being said, it was a great birthday. Saturday afternoon Andrew put together my very first P. Family Scavenger Hunt. He, Katie and I set out around 11 with the first of many clues that lead us all around town and then finally ended back at Andrew’s office where he’d hidden gifts. He made the hunt in three stages so I could get the true experience – Stage 1, hunts as he and his sister experienced them as teenagers. Stage 2 included simple four line poems that resembled hunts from their grade school years. And finally, Stage 3, he used traditional scavenger hunt features like, “Hey! Find everything on this list.” I needed help on a few of them (you would not believe that there was more than one goose in a software office), but eventually we got to the final step, where I had to answer Newly-Wed-Game-style questions, and for each one I got right, I got to open a gift. All in all it was a really entertaining day, and a really solid first birthday scavenger hunt. I can see this as a tradition we’ll carry on, if not with each other, at least with our kids.

The night of my actual birthday, we went out to eat with friends, and came home early to bum around together like the old married couple we pretty much already are. Later in the week, Andy’s parents took us all out to Shady Glen so I could celebrate with them, and they got me a sewing machine! I can’t wait to start learning to make stuff. And shortly I’ll have a house with room to make sewing messes in!

I’m sure we’ll do some belated celebrating as well once we’re settled in the new place. I’m hoping that we can host Friendsgiving this year, and of course we’ll be gettin’ hitched next year! So lots of excitement to come. I apologize in advance if (and when) it all effects my blogging.

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