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Sunday Sixah with Pizazz!

Things might look a little different. I know what you’re thinking – am I in the right place? What was I smoking to find this nonsense?! I assure you, ladies and gents, you’ve arrived at the new and improved Leaving Lobster. I decided to actually put that domain name I’ve been paying for to good use and start up with a little web design action. It’s been a few years, and I’m a tad rusty, but stick with me, kids. Check out my handy work at

So Hurricane Sandy, huh? Let me tell you, Connecticut is a flutter. Andy and I went to Wal*Mart yesterday to buy a fan (turns out they don’t stock them after summer – weird) and it was a terrible experience – there were people everywhere and shelves were absolutely bare. That’s the media for you. And what gets me most is that you can go to various local news websites, radio station websites,, accuweather and the actual National Weather Service website and they all have different stories. But aren’t these sites getting their information from the NWS? Why is it all so varied? Did I really need to buy that many Goldfish Crackers? (Yes. Yes I did.)

In other news, it’s almost Halloween. Since I’m really too old to be trick-or-treating (damn adulthood), Andy and I have decided to check out the local folks that go all out with decorations, and then watch a horror movie. We haven’t decided which one yet, but here’s hoping it’ll be a good one. We’ve actually been doing that all month long – so far we’ve seen Thirteen Ghosts, Troll 2 & Best Worst Movie (documentary about Troll 2), Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland, Gamebox 1.0 (with Topanga from Boy Meets World and Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Paranorman, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Twilight Rifftrax, and another Rifftrax Live: Birdemic. I will say again, if you ever get a chance to experience a Rifftrax Live, I highly recommend it. I rarely laugh that hard on a weeknight.

Next month is Sci-Fi month. Any suggestions? We’re looking for honestly good as well as campy and terrible.


And now on to the latest Sunday Sixah! No theme on this one, just cool stuff I found. Brought to you buy the Dunkin Donuts Peppermint Mocha coffee in my system. *twitch twitch*

1) Bonsai Trees. This is a teenage band out of Glastonbury, CT. I’m absolutely shocked at the quality and goodness of this track. I hope they make it.

2) Diane Millsap. Her New Orleans prints are amazing – incredibly colorful and accurate. The way she gets the paint to look painted and realistic on the wet streets of the French Quarter makes me stare for way too long at these. Gonna get a few some day.

3) GiftRocket. A really cool way to give gift cards. The site is really well designed, too.


4) Stereomood. A great music discover site where you can hear playlists based on how you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to be as simple as “happy” or “sad” either – they also have “asleep on my feet,” “stargazing,” “just woke up” and more.

5) This hilarious site depicts dogs with their deepest, darkest shames. For example:


6) My neighbor for being super creepy at the right time. This bastard scares me on my way to my apartment and on my way from my apartment. And even today, doing laundry, I forget he’s there and rather than avoiding him, I walk right into the buttface. Gah!


Look for a new recipe or two in the coming weeks – easy, quick and flippin’ delicious.

Happy almost Halloween! Leave some comment love.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sixah with Pizazz!”

  1. Reed says:

    For sci fi cheese. Anything starring Tim Thomerson would suffice. Gems include: Dollman, Trancers and Zone Troopers. When it comes to cheese, this is like aged Parmesan Reggiano. The most coveted stench of goodness.

  2. Mom (Cathy) says:

    Bonsai Trees a total package. Good find. Amazing sound for three pieces. Could have a better name.

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