Sunday Sixah

Sunday Sixah feat. The Internet

I realize it’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I thought it’d be appropriate to give you all something to look at on the interwebs incase your team starts to play horribly or the commercials stink.

I haven’t done a good ol’ Sunday Sixah in a while, and today we’re talking about the internet, boys and girls. Below are not one, but TWO lists of things I enjoy when I’m not sick of my computer yet. If you check any of them out, please let me know what you think.


6 New-ish Web Things I Can’t Live Without

1) Sunrise. This service will send you a daily agenda straight from your inbox including Facebook birthdays, Google calendar events and LinkedIn information. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re bad at remembering birthdays.

2) IFTTT. If This Than That uses connections from one web app to another, called ‘recipes,’ to make your life easier. For example, have IFTTT text you after your alarm goes off in the morning to give you the days weather before you’re out of bed. Have it back up all of your Instagram photos to your Dropbox account. I have a recipe that sends me a text reminder every time I put an important reminder on my GCal. You need better-than-average knowledge of how the internet works to use IFTTT, but it’s definitely worth using.

3) Box. Cloud storage for easy access to your files from anywhere you can access the app or Like Dropbox, but with larger starting space for free accounts. I personally prefer their web interface, too.

4) Copy & paste recipes you’re making this week and Saymmm will give you a grocery list in an easy to read and check off format. You can save up to 100 recipes on the free account, and after that it’s still only $3/mo. The Saymmm Plus account gives you unlimited recipe storage and keeps track of both calories and cost of ingredients.

5) We Are Hunted / Spotify. Those of you that are regular readers know that I love me some Spotify. But what I may not have mentioned before are the apps that Spotify integrates into their desktop application. One of my favorites is a music discovery app called We Are Hunted. It will just take you through playlists of up and coming artists and tunes to give you a unique view into the non-radio music scene. Don’t have/want Spotify? No worries, We Are Hunted has a web app too.

6) Fab. Curated toys, trinkets, games, clothes and household goods. All beautiful and some hand-made by designers around the globe. I bought at least 5 of my Christmas presents from Fab in 2012, and I’ve purchased a few things for myself that I was very pleased with. On top of it all, the customer service has been stellar thus far.

Interested in checking it out? Join for free here.



6 Awesome & Hilarious Tumblr Blogs To Check Out

1) Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend. Every gal from the Northeast dreams of an L.L. Bean boyfriend. This blog brings your fantasies to life. Oh Patrick, you handsome devil.

2) Bad Kids Jokes. Think of all of these being said by the cutest 4-6 year olds you know. The one below is likely wearing dress-up clothes, costume jewelry and Mom’s shoes.

3) Get Out Of There Cat. Cats where they do not belong. In your bananas, for instance.

4) Hungover Owls. Hehehe.

5) Texts From Bennett. WARNING: Not for the under age, the easily offended or the delicate flowers of the world. Bennett says the craziest stuff. If you’ll permit him, he’ll wax poetic on the lines at public restrooms, autocorrect and unenthusiastic strippers.

6) Menswear Dog. “The best menswear blog in existence,” says Andrew Paulo.


Happy Sunday!


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