Sunday Sixah

Sunday Sixah (bub)

I thought I’d teach myself to write more often by creating a list-style post one day a week like some of my favorite blogs do. (each of those is a link)

Being a Mainer (4 LYFE) and having a love for alliteration, I decided to name this new segment SUNDAY SIXAH. For those of you that don’t speak Maineiac, a ‘sixah’ usually refers to a six pack of beer, but can also apply to anything that comes in a pack of six.

Without further ado, the very first Sunday Sixah:

1) LiveME


I learned about this company through a friend earlier this year, and I can say I want one of each of their “loveME” and “liveME” products. They’re well designed, simple and more recently they came out with postcards that I’d like to frame and hang up in the new place. If you have a special place for Maine in your heart, check these guys out. Everything is pretty reasonably priced and just plain awesome.

2) Really interesting covers of really catchy songs. Surrounding a friends wedding this spring, I’m not ashamed to admit we all fell for Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” They even played it twice at the reception, and there may or may not have been a choreographed dance.

Mashable recently posted an article with a YouTube Sing Off consisting only of covers of the song. And in that article, I discovered this gem:

Looking past the interesting open, I really enjoyed his take on the song. Even if you’re not a fan of the tune (be it because you’re not a girlie pop fan, or because of overplaying on the radio), I’d suggest a listen-through. It’s got a jazzy-soul-hip hop feel.

3) This really unique wedding website. I love everything about this website. The love story, the design, the seriously awesome graphics and animations – I especially love her school portrait Halloween costume. (Thanks for sharing this, ez!)

4) Rock Music History. Check out the video below to see a phenomenal display of musicianship as well as a seriously great list of songs. He plays 50+ years of rock and roll in 100 badass riffs. If you’re a fan of music, the guitar, or awesome things – watch.

5) The “MTV’s First 24 Hours Playlist” on Spotify. It’s full of sweet and nostalgic songs, starting off with the well known Buggles’ hit “Video Killed The Radio Star.” And, if you haven’t delved into Spotify yet, I recommend it. You can create and share playlists with all of your Spotify/Facebook friends, download the app for free on pretty much any mobile device, and it’s also available for both Mac and PC. The service has quirks (don’t use it to play the music you already have on your computer, trust me), but makes up for those in it’s ability to stream to your mobile device, offline playlists so you don’t have to use data while listening, and awesome user created playlists and apps within the Spotify app itself. Best of all, the service and vast majority of features – completely free. If you do try it, let me know what you think. (Note: I have a seriously sweet 90’s playlist that I’ve been building – 260+ songs strong so far!)

6) Winning solitaire. A web browser ‘game’ where you can recreate the bouncing cards that happen at the end of the Windows solitaire game. When Andy first mentioned this to me as a possible Sunday Sixah, I thought it sounded pretty lame. And then he sent me the link. I clicked. Confirmed, pretty lame.

Then he told me to click and drag. I played with it for a good 5 minutes straight. Try it, you’ll see.

So there you have it! Your first Sunday Sixah. I hope you enjoyed it, and will look forward to the Sundays to come.


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  2. Addictioninterupter says:

    I would encourage peploe to pay for their spotify service if you can afford it. The last thing the music industry needs is peploe not even paying for a fantastic service like spotify. They’re not greedy or selfish, it’s just there’s very little money going to bands these days.

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