Sunday Sixah

Sunday Sixah: Birthday Edition

As many of you may have heard, today is my birthday. I am 25 plus three years young, and I’m spending the day with Andy. Our plans include brunch at the Town Line Diner (Challah French toast – it’s awesome), followed by playing with my birthday present and eating a large bowl of nothing but Lucky Charms marshmallows.


Those of you that know me really well, know that I used to say, “All I want is a man that will serve me breakfast in bed with a bowl full of nothing but Lucky Charms marshmallows – is that so much to ask?” Give him kudos, the man pays attention. And thankfully, our bed is not set up so that breakfast in bed is feasible. Chalk that part of the request up to naivety, because breakfast in bed is not as exciting or as clean as they make it out to be in the movies. It’s a lot easier to wipe down a dirty table than it is a dirty comforter.

Yesterday we celebrated my firthday, or ‘fake birthday,’ because let’s face it – Sunday birthday’s suck. You can’t party because you have to work the next morning, and a lot of businesses close early or entirely on Sundays. So we’re celebrating both days.

Yesterday Andy let me drag him around the Christmas Tree Shop, and took me out to a loverly dinner at Max Fish, and finally we picked up a Fudgy The Whale ice cream cake from Carvel. Those of you reading from Maine may not know – may not understand – all that is Carvel. It is the creamiest, most delicious soft serve ever, and they have the most amazing flavor combinations. Most recently, they’ve had the Girl Scout Cookie Dashers:

Yeah. ‘nough said. They’re amazing. (Note: Much as I loved and appreciated Fudgy The Whale, it does not remotely compare to the ice cream cakes my Mom used to make. If you were lucky enough to share one of those with me – you’re welcome.)

We finished off the night with our continuing marathon of Boy Meets World – which I can safely say, has held up over the years. I still find myself guffaw-ing at bits in the show.


And finally, we finish with the Sunday Sixah – a little different this time, because it’s my party and I’ll change-my-blog-style if I want to.

If Richie Rich and I were friends, and he asked me what I wanted for my birthday, this is the list I’d give him:

1) The Optimus Tactus Keyboard. This keyboard has little screens embedded in each key, so the board itself is not only completely customizable, but you can tailor it to have settings corresponding with the programs you use most often.

2) A 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Need I say more?

3) An all expenses paid trip back to New Orleans – preferably during Mardi Gras, in a hotel that has a balcony that overlooks some of the best parades. I can sip Abita and Champagne while watching drunk idiots on the streets from the comfort of my private balcony with Andy and Marsha and Reed.

4) My own personal masseuse for a year. No pictures, just want one.

5) The new Microsoft Surface Tablet. Fast, beautiful, easy to use and comes with an attached stand AND a keyboard that’s also a case.

6) This house. And all the wine and furniture and bathtubs and food and pools and movie theaters it comes with.


That’s all for now! Happy day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sixah: Birthday Edition”

  1. Barbara says:

    Have a great Birthday, I love reading your Sixah…….makes me laugh… glad you’re happy!

    1. Aerin says:

      Thanks Barb! Miss you!!

  2. Marsie says:

    I’m gonna get you that hotel in New Orleans someday baby!

    1. Aerin says:

      Cannot wait <3

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